We are tearing up everything you know about banking and re-building it from the ground up. It's going to be defined and shaped by us together.

Isn't it time to #ThinkCLEARLY?

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CLEARLY will change the way you bank so profoundly that you will never imagine going back to the old way of banking. The world is changing, shouldn't your bank be changing with it?


The CLEARLY account can be opened in seconds, completely on-line, pays you interest and lets you manage all your money from anywhere, at any time on any device. Sure, it does what other banks can do like pay your bills online and send money home, but it does so much more in such a different way that puts you in complete control.


CLEARLY actively helps you achieve your personal goals, making it easy to save money and do the things you want to do. When you need access to your savings, you can withdraw without losing any of the interest you've earned. We also pay you higher interest automatically the more you save with us, unlike other banks who ask you to open yet another account. It's how banking should be.


At CLEARLY, our lending centre shows you exactly what borrowing you are eligible for and at what rate. When you need the money, in a few simple clicks it is deposited into your account.


At CLEARLY we're all about transparency – it's in our name. We provide you with access to the best investment schemes and robo-advisors available, whilst also allowing you to trade international equities direct from your mobile phone. And best of all, it's fully integrated with your CLEARLY account meaning you can seamlessly move your money between savings and investing in a simple swipe. We do all of this at a price that no-one can beat.


When you enter the world of CLEARLY, you have the support and security of our partner bank. Just because it's on your phone doesn't mean we don't look after you in the way you deserve and the way you are used to.


One step, two steps, three steps, four. Within less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee, you will be open and good to go. It's that easy.


CLEARLY puts your bank in your pocket which means no branches. No branches, means no large overheads, which translate into savings for you. We are here to help you ThinkCLEARLY and make sure your experience is like no other.